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Ten Facts about Me

Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Could you let us know a bit more about your life and why you fell in love with flowers and design?

My affair with flowers began in my grandmothers garden in Monterey, CA. I have the fondest memories of walking along side her as she lovingly snipped each flower and placed it in the basket I was so proudly holding for her. Then with a basket full of blooms we would return to her kitchen where she had already placed a collection of vases filled with water on her table. It felt like magic watching her take each bloom from the basket and have them turn into a beautiful arrangement that we would then place throughout her home.

What is your favorite flower?

I love flowers so much that it is difficult to choose just one but I am truly obsessed with vintage garden roses.

What do you love most about providing service for weddings?

I honestly love the entire process of planning the florals for a wedding. Meeting my couple, hearing their dreams for their day, and then seeing months of planning come together on their day is so so exciting!

What is your approach to work with engaged couples?

It is very important to me to meet face to face with my couples. This being such an important day I like to know that we are a good fit and you can't do that via email.

What is your favorite style for wedding design and why?

Vintage garden style, rustic, and boho weddings are my favorite because they are a perfect fit for my romantic garden style florals.

How did girl power influence you while you collaborated with female entrepreneurs ?

I have met some of the most amazing women in this past year of being independent and I feel so fortunate to have done so. Styled shoots are a new for me and I'm loving them. It is so inspiring to see women from all areas of the wedding industry come together for a common goal of creating beauty that will inspire our future couples.

What is your interior design strategy? Do you have any specific style?

I love mixing the old with the new. Vintage vintage vintage is my style. I love old barn wood, rusted metal, and things that have moss growing on them. I am inspired by nature and love including bits of her in my home.

How did you develop such a beautiful urban garden in your patio?

When I moved into this little studio in the heart of downtown Los Gatos I knew that this patio would become an extension of the indoor space. I am a lover of all things old, if it's rusty...even better! I wanted to create a space that felt warm so I incorporated items that you would usually place in your home not outdoors. Like the wooden screen I used to separate my space from my neighbor and also create an entry to my patio. I planted a lot of succulents, ferns, and jasmine to start with. I don't get a lot of sun so I choose plants that I knew would do well without much light. The space surrounding my patio gets more sun and I've got pots surrounding my patio and I've extended it along the fence line of the property. I now have eight vintage roses that are my prized possessions. I love spending time in my garden, it is so rewarding to see nature develop before your eyes!

What is your comfort food?

That's easy...Tacos!

What do you do in your spare time?

I love being outdoors in nature as much as possible! I spend a lot of time tending to my garden, foraging for interesting greens and wildflowers and practicing my craft.


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